Dublin, Ireland

This store is one of the smallest retail stores from Ace & Tate. OS & OOS wanted to translate the reference of the name into a brighter atmosphere therefor they choose a bright yellow colour for the free standing glass screens, with the mirror on the back wall and the overlapping yellow screens when seen from the front create a darker colour yellow in the center.

client: Ace & Tate

pictures by: Erik Undéhn
completion: October 2018
address: Exchequer Street 30, D02 A038 Dublin, Ireland

The name Dublin comes from the Irish word Dubhlinn, early Classical Irish Dubhlind/Duibhlind;
from dubh meaning “black, dark,”
and lind “pool”, referring to a dark tidal pool.

This historic pool existed under the present site of the Coach House and Castle Gardens of Dublin Castle. This was our starting point for the design of the store.