Groningen, NL


Groningen’s rather substantial distance from other neighboring cities has made the city a lone wolf. But not one that has become shy and timmid but on the contrary; Groningen is a city purely individual and not afraid to be bold and is recognised for its daring architecture and a substantial student population which contributes to its youthful nature. As a student you are in constant development and constatly taking on new challanges, a student must be pragmatic and adaptive, showing thier willingness through a “work with what you have mentality”.

Our concept threfor for the Gronignen Ace & Tate store centerlize aroud out of the box thinking with a bold look and approch to the interior along side a simple, not over complicated communicaion to the customers and cleaver, yet simple furniture/features the city recognises with only a few “winks” to Gronignens past. For Groningen is clearly a city with it’s eye on the future.

client: Ace & Tate

pictures by: Wouter van der Sar
completion: November 2018
address: Brugstraat 19, 9712 AB Groningen, the Netherlands