Liverpool, UK


When having trouble concealing ships in all weather conditions during World War 1, the zooligist John Graham Kerr in a letter to Churchill proposed the idea of confusing the enemy instead of concealing by implementing camouflage like the zebra. The contrasting stripes and curves create an optical ilusion that break up a ship’s shape and obscure its movement in the water, making it difficult for enemy submarines to identify and destroy.

The “Razzle Dazzel” effect as it was coined were used by the British navy; where countless boats were stationed in Liverpool. The famous painting of Dazzle-ships ships in dry-dock in Liverpool by Edward Wadsworth 1919, later sparked the city to implement an arts project in the Canning docks where the MV Edmund Gardner was painted in the motif along with the MV snowdrop a ferry currently in use by the name of “Everybody Razzle Dazzle.”

client: Ace & Tate

pictures by: Wouter van der Sar
completion: November 2019
address: Bold Street 60, L1 4EA Liverpool, United Kingdom