’s-Hertogenbosch, NL


For the designer eyewear brand Ace & Tate store in ‘s-hertogenbosch in the Netherlands one iconic painting in particular (which is actually a combination of three works in total) ‘Haywain Triptych’ from 1516 is used as a main source of inspiration for the stores layout. Here iconic figure for the city of s’-Hertogenbosch; artist Jheronimus Bosch depicts three worlds.
Bosch a famous Dutch painter; born and worked his entire life in this city and is therefore an icon for it.

The painting is not only intriguing in its storytelling, but colour use and composition was also translated via the studios own handwriting. Resulting in unique features throughout to be discovered.

As lovely reminder to all that we should renounce our earthly goods, deny the delights of the senses and subsequently, void fiery damnation. The center of the store where the counter is situated is meant to reference the hay bail and the heavens above it represented by the small cluster of windows towards the upper ceiling at the back. A fountain, a favorite element in Bosch’s work sits just right of the store behind the counter, where clients can wash their hands and take out their lenses. Spotted around the store are also a few references to the paintings inhabitants mainly represented in blue and red each referring to their particular gender.

In the back dark eye test rooms fall to lower light representing the third and most right painting of the original three depicting a sort of hell, yet showcasing some of the most beautiful colors in darker tones, set behind glass, and colors of the painting itself are abstractly blotched in soft shapes throughout the store as to almost represent the painting in human scale.

The showcase window to the front is most plainly represented by the Garden of Eden, as the latest frames in the Ace & Tate collection tantalize passer byes like forbidden fruit as represented by the most left painting to complete the set.

client: Ace & Tate
pictures by: Wouter van der Sar
completion: april 2019
address: Fonteinstraat 8,5211 HP ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL


Jheronimus Bosch ‘Haywain Tripty