for Schloss Hollenegg

Studio OS & OOS have taken the theme of this years exhibition “rituals around the table” analyzing the wealth of furnishings, but mainly refereeing to the historical time line of the Castle from 1100 to the present day. This time line is especially important as many of the table manners passed down from generations were created and executed during the castles “life time”.  The table with subsequent dinning chairs perhaps very obviously will take center stage for the presentation. For “Eating, is aggressive by nature, and the implements required for it could quickly become weapons; table manners are, most basically, a system of taboos designed to ensure that violence remains out of the question”*. Alongside the table two hyper modern adornments in the form of two head chairs; there purpose to bring a present or even futuristic interpretation of the classical “head” chairs as a current mile marker on the Schloss Hollenegg’s ever evolving rich timeline.

The chairs are based on layers, where sheets of aluminum look almost draped over each other like napkins over a ones lap. The manner in which the sheets are connected allow for a completely new manner of construction but also coloring of the material which is not at all common in this way making them particularly unique.

The two head chairs names “Dinner for One” and Dinner for Two”  are an exercise between minimalism and monumentality yet also a wink to the references of king/queen or the power struggle between two foes. For the studio the essential aspects of the concept are considered priority and it’s the art of creating a monumental presence fitting of its context yet converging only what is most important for the story with out unnecessary decoration.

*Quote: Margeret Visser

dimensions: Chair one 50,7 x 60,6 x 106,3 cm / Chair two 50 x 60,6 x 95,5 cm

produced by DiSé


Dinner for One & Dinner for Two chairs at Schloss Hollenegg for Design


At Schloss Hollenegg during our residency