The Formation carpet seems endless in its possibilities. All shapes made from tufted merino wool can be combined to- gether through a simple velcro connection, which leaves the user free to experiment with large full color surfaces that cangreatly influence ones perceived view of a space. The idea isto bend, shrink, extend or just compose when one feels so free to do so.

There are three basic forms, six colors and ten shapes to play with. By using these particular three basic shapes we were able to create the greatest amount of shapes from a minimal amount of parts, and leaving even more variations through theuse of color. For like parts, but then in a different color com-bination results in vast differences to the overall composition.

dimensions: circle 120 x 60 cm / quarte circle 120 x 120 / modified rectagle
120 x 170 cm

materials: new zealand merino wool



3 simple shapes can create a lot of different combinations





making our own colours

Formation carpet for photoshoot Kendix

Formation carpet for a photoshoot for Elle Magazine