produced by DiSé

Groom is an exercise in monumentality, where a seemingly simple façade of the cabinet can be altered through the manual rotation of the individual louvers to reveal or hide its contents as a means of discovering maximum effect.

Groom is part of the newest collection of DiSé’s Domestic Monuments: A choral work of domestic furniture that celebrates the fundamental acts of everyday life through the work of eight international designers, curated by Moncada Rangel.
The etymology of the word “monument” comes from the latin “monere", which means to remind, to advise or to warn. Monuments, located in a private or public domain, create a memory of the present condition and put the future in perspective.
Monuments are also an evocative example of something extraordinary. Everyday life, so often neglected, deserves to be commemorated as a remarkable experience and lived as a memorable ceremony. By revisiting ancestral activities that are repeated every day, each designer contributed with his own critical vision, celebrating an intimate moment of life.
This collection offers an archipelago of singular approaches that create a collective memory of our present day.

produced by: DiSé

edition: limited 12 + 2 AP + 1 P
dimensions: 200 x 42.5 x 83 cm



Groom at Palazzo Biscarri, Catania Italy