As the name suggests, Heliacal is a lamp inspired by astronomical phenomena. The helical stand, in fact, suggests the rising of a celestial body just before dawn, and its consequent visibility for that brief instant before the sun illuminates the morning sky. This phenomenon is an integral part of the cyclical nature of the sky, and many ancient cultures included it among the celestial phenomena considered important and as such, worthy of careful and continuous observation. The alternation of sunrise and sunset is a daily process of gradations of light. The regulation of the light of Heliacal is a metaphor of the behavior of celestial bodies: the glass discs are free to rotate, either blocking the light or allowing it to pass, as the user pleases. The change of light, therefore, is never instantaneous or abrupt; instead, the passage from light to dark is measured by slow and progressively perceptible gradations, like the cycles of the celestial vault. Just as the planets exist simultaneously in light and shadow, these two states coexist in Heliacal, in that a circle in the glass darkens when the larger surface is lit, and vice versa. A magical and precious light for a lamp with great expressive power.

dimensions: ø 45,5 x 174 cm
materials: Floor lamp with stem in black painted tubular steel.
Glass diffusing discs, with light filtering surface to increase or limit the level of light emission in order to obtain various aesthetic effects, from dawn to eclipse, for a complete daylight effect.